I am a self-taught, full-time working artist and designer. Throughout my career I have created a wide body of work, starting in pen and ink, with the occasional acrylic, then evolving to scratchboards or “scratch art”, essentially sgrafitto. I loved the feeling of scratching off the black ink to reveal the white clay board underneath, then adding colored inks which seemed to bring the images to life. With this method, instead of adding shadow to light, I could reveal and create unimaginable and seemling illogical light within complete darkness. This dichotomy is the fuel for my art which tells a story of a harmonious existence, where supposed opposites are fused; light and dark, magic and science, organic and technic. The images come from all vibrational levels, from the raw and sinful to the enlightened celestial.

Science fiction is in my roots, from watching Star Trek with my dad to staring at the bizarre beasts and voluptuous women of Frank Frazetta on the covers of my mother’s Edgar Rice Burrough’s books. As a child the detailed work and impossible objects of MC Escher left me hypnotised, and later on I was captivated even further after delving into various Japanese and American Graphic Novels. I like to portray my experiences, views & visions through sci-fi imagery.  Seeing as how science fiction has been and still mostly is a predominantly male-oriented genre, I like to think that my images are a step towards reclaiming the genre, and the eroticism of females in it, through strength and feminine divinity.

In addition to my love for science fiction and other external influences, I use my lucid dreaming and astral projection experiences as a large source of inspiration.


I was raised very religiously, something I am strangely grateful for, as breaking away from the organization at 15 gave me an immense amount of strength, and the battle itself is a strong underlying theme throughout my work.  As a teenage runaway, I didn’t get the chance to go to college, so I began working at a young age to support myself. After several odd jobs, (retail, dental office reception, serving tables, managing a tea room, and even more in between) I found work as a graphic designer for a recording studio in Monterey, CA. It was in this city in 2008 where I stumbled across the medium of scratchboards which quickly became my preference and the series of mechanical sea creatures, “Robotic Aquatic” was created.

In 2011 I decided to make the leap from a 9 to 5 life to becoming an independant, self-employed artist, a move that was both extremely risky and required a lot of sacrifice, but was also very rewarding. I lived in my van, travelling across America selling my art and other crafts. Got stuck in Portland for a bit, found a dog in New Orleans and slept under the stars in Tucson and Marfa, eventually settling back in northern California where I found an art studio.

In 2016 I was happy to announce that a long time project was finally complete, as I had written, illustrated, inked and published my first graphic novel, “Through the Cognitive Rift”, via a successful fundraising campaign. I hope to continue to create dark and mystical images and stories that inspire love and higher thought.

Artist portrait by Zhenya Sokolova ©